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5 ways to accelerate quality – Lean QA methods for Lean Startups

A Minimum Viable Product by definition is a Product and by virtue of this must solve a real problem in a real world production scenario with sufficient quality, which usually means something that customers are willing to pay for. Unfortunately engineering and business culture often focuses too much on minimum features but forget about their
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Quality Acceleration at App Fest

Mobile is the new age Emperor Alexander. At a very quick pace, it is conquering the habits of humans. From being a luxury years ago, smart-phone and mobile applications on these phones are pretty much becoming a need. Add to it, customers do not want to be treated like experimental rats. When they find defects that derails
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Minimum Viable Quality – Why startups should start thinking about it

Scenario 1 – You are given a car to test-drive and told, it is a basic shell that has been quickly cobbled together, with an engine that we think will move the car forward but has not been tested; has brakes but not sure if the car will stop if traveling beyond a certain speed;
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iOT Testing : Decoding the underlying protocols

iOT (internet of things) is the newest or rather trendiest edition in the ever changing world of technology.  As much as ‘iOT’ is interesting, it is equally challenging to crack the core of it when it comes to the testing of the softwares, devices, sensors and overall internet of things. An effective testing for anything
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Key factors for success of Performance Testing

Getting the Performance Testing right is not easy. There are many factors which needs to be in place to ensure success from Performance Testing activity. Some pointers which if taken care can go a long way in success of Performance Testing: The Goals of Performance Testing needs to be clearly identified. The approach to Performance
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Top five tests before releasing a mobile app

World is moving towards mobility. Mobile development is seeing an ever rising trend. With so many mobile apps being launched everyday and eyes prying for mobile apps, Mobile App Testing becomes extremely important. There are many interesting challenges when it comes to mobile testing. With so many available screen sizes and different platform versions, no
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Top 5 ways to reduce uninstalls!

More users needs to stick with your app if you want to generate more revenue. Your marketing team will help you to get more downloads and installation but then you need to make sure that users are not uninstalling the application. Handling following issues will help you reduce uninstallation of your app: Too many notifications
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Hyderabad Celebrates Its Centennial Startup Saturday

On the 9th of July, the 100th edition of an incredible community meetup – Startup Saturday Hyderabad – was celebrated at IIIT-H. This celebratory edition was packed with multiple panel discussions, startup pitches, live music, startup spoof, Zumba etc. The celebratory seminar had a featured panel on “Next Gen Early Stage Funding -A discussion on
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