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Experience the Lightness of Being with Zero Backlogs

Outcome-Driven Backlog Automation and Regression Testing to Help You Stay Focused on What Matters

How We Make Magic Happen!

*Invoice raised after the acceptance of the developed solution as per defined criteria



Understand project goals and challenges



Establish scope, requirements, and solution



Commence development and support



Showcase milestones, metrics, and proof of concept



Begin solutions deployment with CI/CD integrations

We Guide You on Your Path to Success

Prioritize Tests and Document Backlogs

Define Release and Iteration Details

Split & Link Large Backlogs into User Personas

Track Progress of Individual Backlogs

Manage Regression Test Library

Achieve Desired Results with Confidence

Manage Iteration Errors and Defects

We Do More Than Test: Learn from the Minds at Qapitol. Read All About What We Have to Say About the Testing World and Beyond

Discover how we helped deliver QE excellence for India’s largest e-commerce platform

Learn how we elevated the user experience of a lending giant with test automation

Qapitol Offers the Ultimate Blend of Value Ingredients, Crafting a Bespoke Quality Assurance Strategy That's Sustainable

Elevate your agile journey with our QE wizards

Let us dive deep into your digital engineering ecosystem to manage and scale your outcomes
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