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Keen on getting back after a break? Let us rediscover you

Let your intent and willingness take you places again

Let’s #NormalizeCareerBreaks

New to motherhood
Anybody on a sabbatical
Indian Armed Forces Veterans
Pandemic-related employment break

Reasons We should be talking

Qapitol is the leading Quality Engineering and Test Automation solutions provider with clients spread all over the globe – What better restart to your career than to be able to work with a leader?.

At Qapitol, we believe in valuing talent and willingness to learn more than anything else – show us the value you aim to bring to the table and reclaim what you once rightly deserved

Quality runs in our DNA – if its part of yours too, we should explore ways to see how well could we sync

Continuous learning and upskilling is our second nature – something that will help you expand your horizons too

We have many more reasons… keep scrolling

We respect your priorities and make sure you fulfill them to the T

A support system that helps us balance your work and personal commitments effectively

Flexible leaves

Hybrid work culture

Work from anywhere

Supportive leave policy

Childcare facilities

Hear from our people

Life @ Qapitol

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