Qapitol QA

Unified Test Automation Framework developed by Qapitol, your one stop solution for every software testing challenge under the sun!

Parallel & distributed execution across browsers & devices

Built-in interceptor techniques & real time testing dashboard for UI testing

Efficient cloning and mocking capabilities for continuous feedback loop

Improved SLAs and IT ecosystem with self-healing capabilities

Scriptless framework that supports the execution of REST APIs along with the SOAP APIs

Streamlined creation & reusability of codes with the power of Gen AI and Machine Learning

Combine automation capabilities across UI, CI/CD, network, application and security layers

Experience the symphony of speed and simplicity with Gen AI-powered framework

Turbocharge efficiency, scale operations, and reinforce your test coverage with the advanced AI model from Open AI through our framework


Device Lab Setup

Discover the most optimal way to make the most of your devices. Single administrative console to manage all of your iOS and Android devices

No code? No problem!

Use Qapitol’s scriptless low code API test automation framework to execute rapid and seamless API tests

What our clients say about our solutions

Qapitol took the ownership & accountability of things critical for the success of the project. The positivity and thought process that this team brings in to remove blockers is appreciated.


The quality of resources has been outstanding. The way Qapitol QA collaborates with Swiggy with quick turnaround on urgent tasks is just magnificent and brilliance in itself.

AVP Engineering

An excellent partner with right automation experts. They understood the e-commerce domain, complex systems in SCM. They helped us to get to faster releases with 90% fewer bugs caused due to regression.

Sr. Director, Quality Engineering

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