Qapitol QA

Bugs Aren't Always Spots with an X Mark on It!

Deploy Ultimate Bug Hunters En Masse to Turn Glitches into Gold

Realize a Multiplier Effect on Value with Convergence of Multiple Digital Transformation Realms

Our Crowd Testers Are Diverse, Versatile, Flexible, and Available. Dive Deep into Your Software, Spanning Mobile Apps, Websites, IoT, and More, and Bid Adieu to Delayed Go-to-Market, Constant Rollbacks, and Poor Cost of Quality.
Our Crowd Gets Your Customers:

Test (Almost) Everything





Our Bug Bashing Services

We Work Our Way Down a Detailed Feature Map That Paints a Picture of Existing Issues and Pain Points to Deliver Added Value While Creating a Collaborative and Engaging Experience for All

Integrate a Quality-Conscious Software Delivery Process

Create Different User Scenarios

Identify & Procure Efforts and Tools Required

Create a Map of Defects Identified by Severity & Module

Work Around Tight Timeframes to Identify Bugs

Produce a Consolidated Bug Bash Report

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