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We are a digital technology company providing end to end Digital Assurance and IP-led Quality Engineering solutions to Unicorns, Tech-led leaders and market disruptors across India and Middle East to help them make faster, high quality product releases and bring down their overall cost of quality.


Panguluri SK Mohan CEO

As CEO & Co-Founder of Qapitol QA, Mohan Panguluri focuses on creating employee, customer, partners and shareholder value. With over 27 years of experience Mohan is responsible for driving the growth and scale strategy. He is an Alumni of BITS Pilani and also holds a Masters in Business Administration from IBS.

Kalyan Chandrapu COO

An amazing individual who believes in the power of being human first. His professional journey has seen him evolve from a web developer during the dot-com boom to a leader in delivering complex projects in the Banking and Financial domains. His greatest strength lies in his ability to connect with people. Outside of work, he’s on a quest for the finest single malt, indulging in sports, reading and exploring the world of food. Lovingly called KC, he always says, ‘Dream big and achieve big by being human!’

Aravind Ganesan CDO

With two decades of experience in strategizing and executing Digital Transformation, Portfolio migrations, and Payment Gateway Integration projects, Aravind oversees the entire delivery portfolio and is instrumental in unlocking superior value for clients through Qapitol’s solutions and services.

Shashi Kiran K V President - Sales

Meet Shashi Kiran K. V., President of Sales at Qapitol QA. A dynamic leader renowned for his entrepreneurial approach and prowess in driving sales and business development. With an unwavering commitment to quality and growth, Shashi Kiran K. V. is instrumental in propelling our company forward, cementing his position as a vital asset to the organization.

Dheeraj Karanam Director - Middle East (Sales)

Dheeraj is a problem solver who helps tech companies make informed decisions about their products. He builds testing teams that deliver Good Testing – testing that is not shallow but dives deep to add value. With a proven track record of delivering testing services for products like Flipkart, Reliance Retail, Luxottica, and 50+ companies with millions of customer bases, Dheeraj is passionate about catering to the much larger world with a blend of Techno-Business Skills and unwavering passion towards software testing.

Satyam Dixit Director - Consulting & Solutions

The director of Consulting & Solutions, he has experience in domains like fintech, e-commerce, e-learning, and media. He believes in understanding the product first and deciding the appropriate heuristics based on the context. He ensures his peers get the right platform to work and thrive. He specializes in test consulting, automated solutions, AI/ML implementation in testing space, software testing, and more. He is known for applying his knowledge of Cognitive Science and Behavioural Science to make software testing, managerial activities, and his personal life happy.

Kushal Kumar Director - Delivery & Fulfilment

Kushal Kumar is a seasoned professional with 11+ years of experience in software testing. He excels in managing the delivery of various e-commerce testing projects for leading clients, demonstrating a strong track record of success in ensuring high-quality products. With expertise in test strategy, design, and execution, Kushal is dedicated to delivering seamless user experiences and is always eager to take on new challenges to further enhance his skills and knowledge in the field of software testing.

Aditya Venkat Chalamchala Director - Technology (Consulting & Solutions)

Aditya Venkat Chalamchala is a passionate professional with a fervour for constructing and engaging in meaningful products. Boasting a rich background in project management, machine learning, and web applications, Aditya stands committed to delivering innovative and impactful solutions. His dedication is geared towards propelling the success of the organization and ensuring the satisfaction of its clients through his expertise and proficiency.

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