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What is the role of Quality 4.0 principles?

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What is the role of Quality 4.0 principles?

The first industrial revolution featured steam-powered machines, while the second introduced electricity and assembly lines. The third revolution was marked by innovations in computing and industrial automation. Now, the fourth industrial revolution unfolds with the advent of machine intelligence, ubiquitous computing, cost-effective storage, and resilient connectivity. With the new revolution afoot, there is a new lens through which quality is being looked at.

To be excellent through quality means embracing the future of quality. It’s crucial for quality professionals to connect quality excellence with their organization’s ability to thrive in disruptions. By using quality principles, they can drive transformation and growth.

People: Quality 4.0 is a modern approach for professionals to use digital tools effectively, guiding organizations through disruption towards excellence.

Process: As automation rises, flawless processes are essential. Adapting to new processes and educating the next generation is vital for quality professionals and business operations. Integrating quality at the strategic level is key for sustainability in digital transformation.

Technology: Technology is advancing rapidly, and organizational platforms must keep up. Quality professionals need to transition from data analysts to data wranglers, embracing and understanding new technologies for effective utilization.

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