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Designed for Web, Desktop, Mobile and API, our Unified Test Automation Framework is trusted by tech-led enterprise leaders and unicorns to accelerate continuous testing and enable on-demand deployments with ease.

The Unified Test Automation Framework

Our Unified Test Automation Framework brings together all the essential tools and best practices in a single window for speed, scale and better testing. The ready-to-deploy combines automation capabilities across UI, CI/CD, network, application and security to facilitate continuous testing. With features such as pre-built function libraries, mocking capabilties, distributed execution engine and best-in-class analytics, quality is just a few clicks away.

Intelligent Test Automation designed for Quality @ Scale and Speed

Single Test Code across platforms

Web, Android & IOS, Multiple Browsers, M-Web

Parallel & Distributed execution

Across Browsers & Devices

Service Virtualization

Mocking capabilities For Integration Testing

Dockerized Deployments

Automated spawning of environments

Automated Visual Testing

With OCR based implementation & built-in Interceptor techniques

Real Time Testing Dashboard

Test Automation results across PODs, Historic Builds

Contract Testing

Test Automation of API Gateways

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Assured risk coverage
Our unified, low-code API test automation platform

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