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T-Hub and Qapitol QA Partner to Support Startups to Improve App Quality

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T-Hub and Qapitol QA have announced a partnership to support in advancing the quality of apps by startups

T-Hub, a global startup catalyst powering entrepreneurship & deal flow, and Qapitol QA, an award-winning QA services company that specialises in solving end-to-end QA challenges for startups have entered into a partnership that will provide startups opportunities to improve the quality of applications (apps) developed by T-Hub’s incubated startups, and support them in building world-class and market-ready products with Minimum Viable Quality (MVQ).

This partnership brings together thought leaders who have a shared vision of supporting disruptive millennial worker succeed via innovation.

The engineering team of startups will get support in accelerating time-to-market, on-demand access to continuous testing, 360-degrees QA skills availability under one roof, tools & techniques, framework, infrastructure as required to perform end-to-end quality analysis. The start-ups also reap the benefit of wide & in-depth analysis coverage at a fraction of the cost that they would incur if they were to do the same with in-house teams.

The start-ups (that are creating a MVP) and the grown-ups (that are scaling their operations and are big on customer acquisition) stand to get benefitted from Qapitol QA’s specialised expertise in Experience Assurance, Performance Scaling, Functional Stability and Test Automation.

Jay Krishnan, CEO of T-Hub, said, “Qapitol QA will mentor our startups to build high-quality applications that meet the expectations of the end-users and upgrade it for the global use. It will enable our startups to optimize their costs, overcome customer acquisition challenges and gain from faster release cycles.”

Speaking on the partnership Dheeraj Karanam, Business Head – Hyderabad, Qapitol QA, said, “This partnership aligns with our vision of supporting the start-up ecosystem deliver better software. We are excited about the opportunity to power start-up teams with expertise that would help them realise the true potential and the love of their customers.”

About T-Hub

T-Hub is a global startup catalyst that powers entrepreneurship and deal flow. Incorporated in Hyderabad, India, in 2015, it has provided more than 350 national and international startups with access to mentors, corporates, venture capitalists and global investors. T-Hub is on a mission to scale startups globally, offering entrepreneurs a world-class scaling platform to help them generate revenue and get access to new customers, capital and markets. T-Hub supercharges corporate innovation by enabling an out-of-the-box approach and fosters entrepreneurship by accelerating startup initiatives by governments. T-Hub also advises investors on deal flow.

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