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[Press Release] Clo Work and Qapitol QA Partner to Support Startups Accelerate App Qualit

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With the core philosophy of deriving success from the success of the member startups Clo Work today has announced partnership with Qapitol QA.

Hyderabad, December 13, 2017: CloWork, an unconventional and uber cool 3 year old co-working space and Qapitol QA, an award winning QA services company that specialises in solving end-to-end QA challenges for Startps have entered into a partnership that will provide startups that are part of the workspace a greater opportunities to build world class products and ensure their product are of Minimum Viable Quality. This partnership brings together thought leaders who have a shared vision of supporting disruptive millennial worker succeed via innovation.

“This partnership is part of Qapitol QA’s Quality Accelerator Program which provides dev ops teams of startups on-demand access to continuous testing, 360 degree QA skills, tools & techniques, framework, infrastructure. The startups not only have access to a full fledged QA team but also reap the benefit of greater width & depth of QA coverage at a fraction of the cost that they would incur of they were do the same.” said Dheeraj Karanam, Startup Evangelist and Business Manager, Qapitol QA.

Commenting on the partnership, Parepally Anurag, Director – CloWork said, “CloWork has built a string presence in the Hyderabad ecosystem and we are driven by our core philosophy of ensuring the success of member startups. Working with Qapitol QA is a natural fit given we share similar objectives and we are sure the partnership will help the member startups retire the concerns around quality and they can concentrate on building products that would solve critical problems.”

About CloWork

CloWork is an unconventional and an uber cool coworking space in Hyderabad that caters to the need of the hip, energetic, dynamic and disruptive millennial worker. In existence since October 2014, CloWork has been helping startups, entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers and business travelers achieve their professional goals by providing them with relevant resources, infrastructure, and mentorship for growth and sustainability. For more information, please visit

About Qapitol QA

Qapitol QA is an award winning new age quality acceleration company that accompanies startups and enterprises in their digital transformation journey and ensures delivery of delightful, consistent and reliable end user experiences leading to business success. For more information, please visit

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