Web, Mobile (Android and iOS) performance testing solutions to handle
the transactions volume surge during this
Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale.

Get your websites and apps load-tested for surging holiday traffic

Are your shopping apps and ecommerce websites load-tested to handle traffic surges? Qapitol QA can help.

Any breakage in your apps or websites due to user overload can be embarrassing and results in revenue loss for the company. Don’t let your brand get impacted due to the unpredictable performance of your websites and business apps. To offset any such bad experiences from happening, your ecommerce sites and apps must be architected to scale with increasing online loads and user volumes. This demands that all the functional components are integrated and tested for peak traffic performance.

Performance testing for ecommerce websites & apps

The ecommerce website is a complex web of components, including integrations with several external applications such as payment gateways, logistics apps etc. To make sure that the website performs efficiently in peak times, several testing strategies must be put together. Some of the methods are presented here:

To get a complete overview of the website performance, you need to understand the user interactions, system integrations, functional and technical behaviors etc. Here are some pointers to consider:

  • historical data and trends
  • overall traffic patterns
  • shopping vs.browsing patterns
  • average time a user spends on the site
  • average view per minute/hour
  • average orders placed per minute/hour
  • points of cart abandonment
  • flow of traffic from mobile devices etc.

Some of the activities that help in recognizing and fixing performance issues:

  • Code review: finding defects that cause performance and stability issues
  • Load testing: mimicking real life traffic and determining maximum user thresholds
  • Tuning: Refining the configurations of hardware, OS, middleware, firewalls etc.
  • Scalability: sizing up the environment, hardware, configurations, load balancing measures, capacity planning

Some of the key business processes and functional components that need extra focus on testing:

  • Promotions: previewing offers, turning on and turning off the features
  • Pricing: correct display of full prices, discounted prices
  • Top search items: optimizing the online catalog and gift assortments
  • Navigational paths: helping users to find products using sorting rules
  • Search refinements: for narrowing down searches
  • Product details: for accuracy, clarity, and order distribution
  • Decision making: warranty, key product details, size and color, images, pricing
  • Checkout: saving items to wish lists, extending cart life cycle, enabling return visits
  • Customer service: promotions, merchandising, out of stock concerns, contacts
  • Remote usability: user-friendliness, navigation experiences, optimizations
  • Technical: security, omni-channel availability, integrations, capacity planning, memory leaks, content caching, backend, downtime redundancy, firewalls etc.

Analytics and insights that will help you assess and fix performance issues

  • Application glitches: inefficient code, syncing issues, memory leaks, app deadlocks
  • Database performance: locking & contention, missing indexes, inefficient queries, data
  • Configurations: environment variations, device optimizations
  • Load handling: algorithms tracking unused features for load balancing
  • Connectivity issues: bandwidth, firewall capacity, varying mobile networks
  • Bandwidth capacity: application loads, bandwidth scaling, connection types/speeds
  • Architecture: technology choices, scalability, analytics, gateways, content, channels

Leverage any of the following open source and proprietary tools for load testing and stress testing: WebLoad, LoadComplete, HP LoadRunner, Rational Performance Tester, NeoLoad, Loadster, CloudTest, Jmeter etc.


To get started, write to: shashi.k@qapitol.com or Call: +0044 7850 987 161 (UK), +91 98450 08696 (India)

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We follow context driven test approach to deliver great business value from testing and provide relevant information to all stakeholders to take appropriate decisions. We support all development approaches like DevOps and Agile and accelerated your software quality delivery.

We work on all platforms - Web / Android and iOS  etc and have application expertise on SAP, Hybris, Functional Product Testing. We have expertise on open source and licensed versions of tools to perform automation and conduct comprehensive checks of performance, security and functional stability.

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Create exceptional user experience for every single stage of your user journey. Qapitol QA's services and unique engagement model is revolutionising the access to great QA for startups.

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From bootstrapped to funded startups, tech startups of all sizes work with Qapitol QA for their complete QA needs.

Tech Startups, Startup Accelerators, Incubators, Investors, Work Space Providers, Government Startup Initiatives / Cell, Corporate Accelerators and University Initiatives
Enterprises, Independent SOftware Vendors (ISVs), SMBs, Brands, Digital Agencies, Government Projects
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We have it all figured out for you from our experience of testing several apps. You are ensured of the test coverage (depth and width) that would result in Minimum Viable Quality. Get the benefit from our core expertise and deliver consistent user experiences.

No more simulators/emulators. With over 100+ real devices to cover all form factors, manufacturers, get your app tested on real devices.

Ready to handle all your test requirement over 1100 global cell networks. Combined with crowd, this is a sure shot way to address all your location and network based testing requirements.

Ensuring the Velocity of testing required to guarantee the Quantity and Quality of testing so that you iterate fast and your releases are always on time.

Ensures your apps are of Minimum Viable Quality, not just your MVP but all your subsequent releases thereafter.

Functional Tests

No uninstalls due to suboptimal quality.

  • End-to-end interactions and flows
  • Integration will User Touch points - email, SMS, alerts, notification, Error Messages etc.
  • Integration with 3rd party systems / interfaces/ APIs
  • Social media integration


Any device, anywhere. Works as it should.

  • Different screen size
  • RAM
  • Processors
  • Different OS version
  • Different makes ( Samsung, Apple etc)

Business Testing

Are you delivering your claims about your core offering?

  • Competitor App Analysis
  • User review analysis for Competitor Apps
  • User review analysis post Go-Live
  • Production issues analysis
  • Debugging Support
  • Testing based on Analytics of User usage patterns

Field Testing

In the wild, on the go. No more interrupted experiences.

  • Network switching related issues
  • App behaviour in varying network strengths
  • Functional Stability
  • Location based services

Design Checks

Optimized for delivering consistent user experience.

  • App Exploration
  • App Intuitiveness
  • Page layout
  • Interface elements
  • Navigational systems
  • Functionality
  • A/B Testing
  • Human Interface Guidelines
  • Accessibility testing
  • Error Messages and Status Codes
  • Testability Layers


Ensuring the user experience is not interrupted

  • Local Notification
  • Push Notification
  • Voice call
  • Text message
  • Voice message
  • Visual / Sound / Vibration
  • Notification from other apps
  • Battery / Cable removal
  • Notifications trigger check
  • Local notification
  • Remote notifications
  • Banner, Alert, Badge, Sounds
  • Enabling and disabling notifications


App store optimization to increase your installs.

  • App Title, App Name, Description
  • User Testimonials
  • Screen Shots
  • App Videos
  • App Support
  • Supported channels and devices
  • App size and installation
  • Targetted User base testing
  • Localization

Installation Test

No second chance to make the first impression

  • New install
  • Uninstall and Reinstall
  • App Updates
  • System / firmware updates
  • Synchronization between updated and non-updated app
  • Functional validation after update (full / partial)

App Performance

Don't let battery drain before the subway commute is done.

  • CPU consumption on background and Foreground
  • WakeLock analysis
  • GPS usage in background
  • Battery Consumption
  • Duplicate content
  • Data consumption when app is in background
  • Inefficient use of connections
  • Choreographer :: Too many operation on main thread
  • GPU related issues
  • Too many GC calls
  • Memory Leak Suspect
  • Out of memory crash (Heap analysis) 


Protect your users and gain trust and confidence.

  • "Test the apps for following vulnerabilities :
  • Insecure data storage
  • Insufficient Transport layer protection
  • Unintended data leak
  • Poor Authorization and Authentication
  • Client side injection
  • User credentials printed in the logs screen
  • Reverse Engineering of the app
  • Log Analysis"

User Interactions

App & content interactions checks for seamless experience.

  • Ergonomics
  • Gestures
  • Transitions - Orientation, Swipe, Flip etc.
  • Mobile Specific interaction patterns
  • Accessibility
  • Interaction with GPS, gyroscope, fingerprint sensor, or accelerometer


Find defects early & check stability before integrations.

  • APIs tests for functional stability
  • APIs automation for regression suite
  • API Performance
AQuA Award for Qapitol QA


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