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Releasing an Upgrade? ‘Go Live’ Testing Is a Must

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A week ago, we saw a tweet from a large bank that read “Sorry! We let you down.”

Many of us tried logging in to their mobile app but we couldn’t. After the tweet, it was evident that there is some difference in the two versions which had caused this bug. Isn’t this a very common scenario – app upgrade?

Out of the hundreds of tests that one can perform before releasing a mobile app on the stores, we can point out the top 5 tests that would not result in a bad press for the company.

mobile app tests

Test 1: First Launch Test

Developers and Testers deal with multiple builds before they finish their development/testing cycles and zero in on the final build for release. In all of these cycles, due to multiple constraints, the first launch test is missed. What happens when the app is launched for the first time on the device? Every customer is going to experience the first launch.
Have you ever plugged in your device to the computer, observed the console and tested the first launch?

Do you see any weird messages in the console? Do you see any weird behavior on launching the app – is it too slow? black screen? any error message? Are you able to relate the console messages to the actions performed on the app?

Test 2: Functional and Business Rule Validation

One can build a great app and if it doesn’t solve the problem the app is built for, the app is a failure. Do you understand the main use case of the app and have you tested it? It is common to assume that such an important feature would be tested but to avoid embarrassing situations, it is a must to have this check in place. Validate your functional and business rules meticulously.

Test 3: Data Security

We keep hearing of data breaches all around the world and nothing scares a customer than their data being hacked. How are you storing the data in your app? Can other apps access the data? Do terms like ‘obfuscation’, ‘data in transit’, ‘cached data’ scare you? Talk to us and we will help you!

Test 4: Analytics powered Device+OS coverage

It is tempting to observe graphs like the one below and base your testing strategy on those OS versions. Many forget that this data is global stats and need not necessarily reflect the OS versions used by the app’s customers. Getting to know who accessed your app from which location is child’s play. How many of us read the app’s permissions while installation? Talk to your marketing, sales, customer support or product team and get the data for your context. You might not need to test on hundreds of devices. Save time and perform powerful tests instead!

StatCounter Global Stats - Android OS

Test 5: Performance Tests

We have taken care of functionality, security, device coverage. Can anything else go wrong? Of course, yes!

Will you like if your app hogs a lot of battery and memory? What if your app performs so slow that the customers are switching to your competitor(s)? How can you prevent this?

Few simple non-functional(or parafunctional) tests like battery, performance, memory, network can help your app stay in the market for much longer time. Your users would love to use your app confidently.

Never let down your customers. Ensure your apps are comprehensively tested. We would ensure that your apps are loved by your customers and we have you covered in areas of functionality, performance, security, usability, non-functional testing, automation and much more.

Go Live Testing

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Our thrust on Minimum Viable Quality [MVQ] powers our testing strategies and critical thinking aligned with client’s business outcomes. Our team of passionate believers and diligent doers are always innovating and discovering new ways to solve complex testing challenges.

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