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Top 5 Ways to Reduce Uninstalls

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More users needs to stick with your app if you want to generate more revenue. Your marketing team will help you to get more downloads and installation but then you need to make sure that users are not uninstalling the application. Handling following issues will help you reduce uninstallation of your app:

Too many notifications :

Just because your app has permission to send notification (local as well as push notification) doesn’t mean that you should bombard your user with too many of it. The user can easily get irritated and uninstall the application.

The solution : Customize your notification permission. Allow user to select which all notification they want and which all they want to disable.

Big / Huge registration form

A registration form seeking to many information may result in uninstallation even before use. Icing on the top can be the improper handling of error message in this form, for example if details in one of the field is wrong and user is getting a generalized error message saying “Error : Please enter valid input “ then there is a chance that user will uninstall the application.

The solution :

Allow users to Sign Up / Sign In using social media at the same time also remove all unnecessary field from Sign Up form. Customize error message to give better user experience.

 ANR (App Not Responding)

Application’s performance matters a lot for end user, app freezing or crashing gives a very bad impression on user. Slow server response or app keeps on loading pages, motivates user to uninstall the application without giving it a second thought.

The solution :

Application needs to be optimized and test for memory leaks and network calls. Too many operation on main thread and to many GC calls can be the possible suspects for memory related issues, this needs to be identified and removed. For network related issues all network calls needs to be monitored and unnecessary things needs to be removed.

Dreadful User Experience & User Interface

As you sow show so you reap (Presentation does matter). Even the good content presented in a bad way can lead to a dreadful userexperience. If application is not simple, intuitive and self explanatory then there is a huge chance that user can uninstall the application.

The solution :

Different user has different perspective while using the application, it’s necessary to identify the target users and perform AB Testing. Ensuring that the font size, colour and contrast are please to eyes also helps in enriching good user experience.

Buggy Application

It’s tempting to launch your application in the market as soon as possible, which sometimes overshadow the fact that there could be a lot of bugs unresolved or unidentified. Many a times startups are successful in attracting the customers to experience their product or app but not with the quality or a minimal viable product to go with.

The Solution:

Make sure to apprise the customers of the working features/flows in case you had a deadline to release. Else always have an MVP to count on. What they say, fruits are sweeter when they are given ample time to ripe.

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