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The Story of How Qapitol Transformed a Global Beauty and Wellness Unicorn

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Beauty on the inside matters too: The story of how Qapitol transformed a global beauty and wellness unicorn

Our client, a solutions provider catering to over 12,000 salons, med spas, and fitness centers worldwide, faced significant challenges in managing complex architecture APIs with large workflows. They heavily relied on manual testing, suffered from inadequate documentation, and encountered issues with extensive script execution and enormous log files. To address these issues, our client partnered with Qapitol, and the results were remarkable.

Through our collaboration, we successfully achieved 100% API automation, encompassing more than 25,000 test cases. Additionally, we implemented UI automation for over 1500 test cases, all accomplished within a remarkable 10-month timeframe.

The key to our success was the implementation of a custom automation framework, which allowed us to seamlessly manage multiple environments. We adopted a risk-based approach, prioritizing critical areas and ensuring comprehensive test coverage across the API ecosystem. With our efforts, we were able to achieve end-to-end automation coverage for the APIs and significantly reduce manual testing dependency.

Furthermore, to optimize testing efficiency, we integrated Browserstack, streamlining the testing process across various devices and browsers. This integration provided our client with greater flexibility and ensured a smoother user experience for their customers.

Overall, our comprehensive solution and dedication enabled our client to overcome their challenges efficiently and elevate their testing processes to a new level of automation and reliability.

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