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Mobile is the new age Emperor Alexander. At a very quick pace, it is conquering the habits of humans. From being a luxury years ago, smart-phone and mobile applications on these phones are pretty much becoming a need. Add to it, customers do not want to be treated like experimental rats. When they find defects that derails their experience, it is a given that they are not going to give you another chance at redemption.

The developers have to ensure these applications deliver best functional experience to the consumer using least resources on the phone. They also need to ensure the application is as secure, to ensure any financial transactions, if done using the application, do not result in financial loss to the consumer. Put all these together, there is, there is an ever-increasing demand and pressure on the mobile application developers to deliver quality applications to consumers.

Are you are a Developer of mobile applications or use mobile applications to deliver services to your end customers? Then head to The AppFest 2016, being held in Bangalore on 15th and 16th of July 2016. The AppFest is an intensive, power packed 2 days event featuring opportunities for all associated with mobile applications, to gain exposure in development of successful apps and next generation technologies.

At AppFest, you will get to interact with the best in the industry and hear to some successful names share their experience and knowledge.

We from Qapitol QA will also be there to talk to you about testing mobile applications and the unique challenges that the applications present. Your developer may have done a great job. But regardless, our mission is to not just find any errors but also to help you understand the quality of your application. We want to delve deeper into the nuances of testing mobile applications, not just for functionality but performance and security as well. We want to be your Quality Accelerator to help deliver better mobile applications, quicker.

Meet us at our Stall at AppFest.

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