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Goal-focused methods for Managed Testing Projects and Services


  • Understand the business, domain, users and use cases
  • Map out the stakeholders and personas impacted by this project
  • Know the problem(s) the company is solving with the current project
  • Match the team’s pace, set the right expectations and communicate


  • Get familiar with the overall tech stack of the project
  • Identify the upstream and downstream applications along with AUT
  • Create data flows, feature maps and models helpful for testing
  • Understand interactions across components


  • Discover information for stakeholders to take informed decisions about product/project quality
  • Apply appropriate test design techniques, bug reporting standards and enforce bug investigation
  • Be open to scrutiny and deliver frequent and detailed reports about testing progress


  • Be up-to-date with relevant industry standards that impact the project
  • Understand the guidelines and standards to be compliant with project
  • Learn from industry best practices and apply the heuristics to current project as appropriate


  • Undertake frequent cross-projects reviews to discover blind spots
  • Simulate crowd-testing by having internal bug bashes across teams
  • Apply learning from the different sessions conducted within the company

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