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Testing and QA of a Fintech Platform with Payment Cards Designed for Millennials

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About the client

The client aimed to redesign the financial experience for millennials by bringing a simple, smart, and transparent platform with modern design, new technology, and superior customer experience. Once a customer signs up and applies for credit, a card is assigned to them in a couple of hours. The virtual card has a 16-digit unique number with a CVV and expiry, similar to any transactional card. It is a Visa card that comes with a pre-approved credit line, designed especially for millennials. The card can be used to make payments on over 5 million merchants both online and offline (top merchants like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Zomato, Swiggy, MakeMyTrip and many more). A physical version of the same card is also dispatched to the customer which can be used as a debit/credit card on merchants with a facility to accept cards.


  • Forever free Visa card
  • Scratch card
  • No cost EMIs
  • Spend and Manage
  • Repayment
  • Build your credit score

Business requirement

Support customer digital innovation journey by improving the application end to end quality through unified test solution across mobile platforms –  Android and iOS and APIs layer, increase the mobile device coverage.

Technical challenges

  • Complex application with large set of functional implementations and interdependent workflows
  • Weekly releases with new functional implementations, as well frequent changes in the existing functionalities
  • Non availability of test resources to support end to end testing of each functionality on every release
  • Less device coverage and more defects identified in production environment by users  in real time
  • Testing to be conducted across multiple environments – Dev, QA, Beta and Production also in the backend layer
  • Multiple builds with minimal bug fixes from previous releases

Business functions and modules tested

  • User Registration: Valid credentials, govt./college id, address proof
  • User Roles: Student, FreeLancer, Employee
  • KYC: User approval/On-hold/Decline
  • Profile Management: Update/edit user details, credit score, Limit Increment /Decrement
  • Wallet maintenance: Credit limit allocation
  • Merchant management & purchases
  • Credit utilization: Online/Offline payments, bank transfers, scratch card purchases etc.
  • Billing: Statements, Payments,
  • Repayments: Partial/Full, Moratorium, Interest charges, due date
  • Scratch card
  • Referrals, Help & Support
  • KYC Confirmation: User approval/On-hold/Decline
  • Credit Management: Limit Increase/Decrease
  • Orders: User Transaction, day/moth wise, billed/non billed
  • Card Management: Block/Suspend Card
  • Payments: Bill dues, repayments, sliced payments
  • Payment Links: Alternate bill payment options send to users
  • Dialer: Contact users on pending amount clearance
  • File ops: Bulk updates of repayments, credit increment, on hold dialer

Quick turnaround with impactful solutions

Vast product – Multiple features

  • Kick-started project with fin-tech domain test experts
  • Planned and undertook rigorous KT sessions with client teams to understand all functionalities of the complex application
  • Quickly got hands on experience on backend and frontend app features
  • Understood the existing gaps and QA challenges

Getting started with sprint

  • Worked in sync with development teams following one-week sprint cycle
  • Understood the in sprint functional implementations and requirements
  • Day to day calls with dev & QA teams and defined dod for sprint
  • Supported new feature development by authoring and executing test cases
  • Create/update regression test suites to increase test coverage

End to End work-flows testing

Conducted end to end workflows testing of customer app

  • User registration & approval
  • Integration with banks
  • Credit allocation, utilization
  • Billing, Payments management
  • Merchant Integration
  • Scratch cards
  • Referrals 
  • Validation of client app – Ops feature and its functional implementations
  • Introduced best practices & test techniques to uncover the bugs in early stages as the app has many forward and backward integrated scenarios
  • Continuous testing on every feature release
  • Introduced QA commander concept to support every week successful releases

Testing APIs

  • Leveraged Karate based framework to test the multiple API services that are part of app by
    • Validating the response send and receive communications
    • Behavior and correctness of data
    • Response times
  • Conducted testing across APIs communicating with third party apps like payment gateways, games, scratch cards.
  • Ensured there is no data leakage while one service interacted with other services

Device coverage

  • Compatibility testing on fifteen real devices for every major release covering Android and iOS platforms
  • Conducted detailed testing at system level to validate the device related controls –  UI, navigations
  • With testing app on multiple devices, enhanced the app functionality and also ensured UI and feature implementation is consistent with varying device fragmentation

Testing across multiple environments

  • Dev & QA: Running of regression test suite along with new functional implementation to discover the bugs at early stages
  • Beta:  Sanity check on every feature release post merging of the individual feature code with master codebase
  • Prod: Exploratory testing in live environment with end user mindset

Ad-Hoc testing & supporting multiple feature changes

  • Provided late night/weekend support to address the immediate release requirements
  • Conducted complete regression testing for the ad-hoc requests even when the timelines are very tight and not enough time is allocated to QA
  • Fine-tuning of existing test cases to support the multiple UI changes and business critical functional updates

Key benefits

  • 70% Increase in test coverage across Android & iOS along with API services through end to end functionalities testing
  • Robust and stable application with minimal post production defects
  • Defect elimination & prevention their leakage into product with a focused testing approach across multiple environments
  • High quality and on time releases release cycles with improved results
  • Multiple device coverage helped to detect critical and average errors, which reduced the negative experience by users
  • Improved end user base

Write to [email protected] for fintech testing solutions and scalable test automation frameworks.

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