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Why choose
Qapitol QA for e-commerce testing

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At Qapitol QA, we have worked with several e-commerce businesses and over the years, documented the commonalities in how they approach development and testing. The primary focus is always on product development and revenue generation. So everybody is thinking about what new feature to introduce next, or how to get more people onto the app. But a key element that gets overlooked is testing. And while they understand that testing is critical, there are several reasons that overpower that concern: 

  • Testing is time-consuming and they need to get to market faster 
  • They don’t have an expert QA team and they don’t have the budget to hire at the moment 
  • Developers testing their code is sufficient and we can do a detailed QA after the launch 

Even when e-commerce businesses do spend time on QA, the scope of it is limited: 

  • Most product features only go through unit testing, with test written by developers that miss out on a lot of testing scenarios and lack extensive test coverage 
  • A lot of time internal teams do not have the skills to test for new technology solutions like web services, APIs or microservices 
  • In house skills are also limited when it comes to understanding complex product workflows and adequately writing tests for all possible scenarios

Access the best talent and resources from our e-commerce QA test excellence center.

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