Webinar Test Design


Alexa, can you help me achieve the best test coverage?


Organisations are moving towards artificial intelligence (AI) to solve business challenges. While machines are here to aid, it is the human intellect that has to get better everyday and drive the machines to be able to work smarter. Here is how we are inferring this shift in the testing world and analyze how we could improve our testing perspectives to deliver better quality products.


Rethinking test design in the age of AI

  • Test design is a technique that helps testers to model the product under various use cases. Testers ought to be able to understand what are those fallible scenarios are that could put the system at risk and be able to analyse the risk.
  • While machines think of scenarios based on patterns, they infer with tons of data fed into them. We forget the basics that it is the human brain that has more sensibility towards do’s and dont’s of the system and uncover such possibilities.
  • We ought to understand and keep checking our process if we are actually adding value to the product with all the tools and machines that we use daily, and rethink about the purpose of our job in the system.
  • Testing has to be about identifying risks associated with the product, and testers have to get better at the science of uncovering ways to identify such risks, rather than generating hundreds of test cases executed by smart machines driven by so called best practices – contextual thinking is important.
  • While Alexa can answer a question right, it for sure gives wrong answers to hundreds of the same questions asked differently – context is the key and yes Alexa needs testing too – brainual testing though.


Themes for discussion

  • Why a thinking tester is always powerful
  • Why technology should augment thinking testers
  • What is the impact on test design
  • Are we adding value or just following a process
  • Even Alexa needs testing

Date & Time

  • Date: July 05th
  • Time: 4.30 PM IST
  • Duration: 35 min (25 min + 10 min)

Presenter: Ajay, Delivery Leader

Ajay is ‘AVP-Delivery’ at Qapitol QA. He has more than a decade of experience in testing, and was previously AVP at JPMorgan Chase & Co. He is also  the co-founder of Weekend Testing (www.weekendtesting.com) & Test Maniac (www.testmaniac.com). His short books are popular with many testers for the practical, ready to use tips. A graduate of Problem Solving Leadership, BBST Courses by AST, Rapid Software Testing, Rapid Testing Intensive workshop, Lean Software Testing Workshop, Ajay Balamurugadas doesn’t hesitate to spend his time in learning and sharing.

Host: Dheeraj, Business Leader

Dheeraj is ‘Business & Delivery Head’ at Qapitol QA. He has passion to build high-performance testing teams. He led the delivery of quality assurance and testing services for several renowned ecommerce products with millions in customer base, while powering their tech teams with domain + tech + testing expertise. He brings a blend of techno-business skills and execution capabilities to meet QA-led business goals.

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