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Testing and Quality Engineering for a Warehouse Management System and E-Commerce Platform

E-Commerce platforms consist of complex integrations of applications such as product information systems, payment integrations, warehouse apps, supply chain, logistics, fulfilment and vendor management systems etc. For the e-commerce platform to function efficiently, all the wheels must work in sync to generate memorable customer experiences of speed and quality. A robust quality engineering infrastructure must be in place, supported by automated processes and a dedicated talent pool to ensure sustainable performance.

Qapitol QA partnered with a large and leading e-commerce company for their platform testing and quality assurance requirements. As part of the engagement, Qapitol QA teams work closely with the client, including reporting into their quality leadership. Our team has been given responsibility for maintaining the quality and performance of a set of systems and sub-systems while working with the extended team that manages the overall platform. Warehouse management was one such critical function that was being looked after by the team, especially for optimization and stability requirements.

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