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Testing Vendor Management Apps


A vendor management system is an Internet-enabled, often Web-based application that acts as a mechanism for business to manage and procure staffing services – temporary, and, in some cases, permanent placement services – as well as outside contract or contingent labor. Qapitol QA provides industry specific testing solutions.

Impact of Covid-19 & Business Challenges

Impacted by the hit on e-commerce. As sales are extremely low, and with border restrictions in place, logistics companies are seeing sharp fall in revenues. Challenges include:

  • Build responsive and resilient supply chain delivery process
  • Optimise Efficiencies – ETA, Dynamic Routing and Navigation using mobile apps
  • Poor Test coverage across business process and workflows of vast logistics and supply chain systems
  • Demand for Faster Implementations, and customisations – limited testing resources for business teams to certify customer implementations quickly

IT Challenges & Technical Requirements

  • Deep domain expertise in testing supply chain and logistics platforms across field force, freight, and transport management
  • End to end testing of complex logistics platforms for performance and process optimization, for scalability, and for ensuring seamless integrations with ERP, Tracking systems, freight reservation systems, vehicle tracking & route generation systems, warehouse management system (WMS), supply chain management (SCM), billing & cost management, and more
  • Compatibility testing of the Apps and platforms across multiple devices and platforms – Test Automation solutions to ensure quicker feedback and faster customer implementations
  • Efficient Test Automation frameworks, automated test data and test environment management, optimised QA process and risk based assessments to improve time to market

Qapitol QA Testing Solutions & Offerings

  • Proven and well implemented – Test Automation solution for large and complex logistics workflows (ERP)

Case Studies

E-Commerce Supply Chain Testing for one of the largest e-comm company.

Logistics testing for a leading e-commerce company.

Performance Testing of a large e-commerce website.

Vendor ManagementVendor management is a discipline that enables organizations to control costs, drive service excellence and mitigate risks to gain increased value from their vendors throughout the deal life cycle.”



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