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Smart Test Automation for a Digital Wallet and Online Payment Platform – QA Solution and Key Features

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About the client

The client is a fintech company (Unicorn) that provides a digital wallet platform and online payment features. The client’s payments app services include Online transfers, Utility bills & Finance & Tax payments, Retail & Food, Insurance and Mutual Funds & Gold Purchases.

Business and testing requirement

Implement an enterprise grade automation framework that supports test automation across multiple teams and improve confidence in ongoing continuous releases. Build an automated QA solution for their digital platform developed in different languages iOS- Swift & Android – Java 

App features

  • Utility Payments: Mobile, Broadband, Electricity, Gas, DTH, Loan Payments, 
  • Finances & Taxes: Credit card bills, loan repayments, Insurance, Taxes
  • Store: Online Shopping, Groceries, Financial Services, Food, Hotels, Fuel ,Travel etc.
  • Donations & Gift Card Purchases
  • Transaction Management
  • App Registration
  • Credit & Debit Card
  • Wallet Management
  • Online Banking
  • Mutual Fund & Gold Purchases

Major challenges

  • The existing framework was not mature as it had many constraints and required a lot of manual interventions with hard stops.
  • Frequent releases, with no stable automation in place; running test suites manually was a time taking process and resulted in delayed bug fixes.
  • Unplanned test cases were added to backlog and increased manual effort on the regression test suites
  • Less confidence in the product releases due to lack of automation and resulted in verifying every release manually and which is time consuming.
  • Ensure the app is stable and not crashing during the new feature releases and version upgrade.

QA & Test Automation solution and features

Implemented Qapitol Test Automation Framework across teams and modules.

  • In house framework built on top of Selenium & Appium
    • Web Automation: Selenium
    • API Automation: Postman, Rest Assured
    • IOS Automation: XCUITest with Swift Language
    • Android Automation: Espresso Android Studio
  • Implemented unified framework at enterprise level
  • Used across multiple teams
  • Framework with less manual intervention
  • Supports app built on multiple languages

Proof of Concept (POC)

  • Understand ATM withdrawal functionality in the Merchant App
  • Demonstrate Qapitol proprietary framework to automate scenarios with
    • GPS enabled features
    • Store search
    • Enable / disable withdrawal options
    • Multiple validation points form client & merchant apps

Customer App

  • Enterprise Framework implementation
    • Improved functional test coverage through end to end test case refactoring
    • Implemented custom techniques to automate the scenarios with
      • Bar code scanning /QA Code transactions
      • GPS enabled & disabled options – Location based filters
      • Store Search
      • Enable/Disable Payment withdrawal
      • Payments confirmations triggered from 3rd party apps
    • Built individual test suites covering end to end functionalities with priority based approach
    • Fast-tracked iOS automation through gaining hands-on experience in Swift language

Merchant App

  • Automated Merchant app functionalities such as
    • Store Validations
    • Location based store & merchant services display
    • Payment integrations
    • Payment receipts
    • Automated complex scenarios with 3rd party apps – IRCTC, Swiggy and other retail apps
    • Original process triggered in 3rd party app where as payment confirmation in client app
    • Continuous testing across multiple environments – QA, Staging & Production
    • Identified device related issues by validating app functionalities on multiple devices 

Reporting & Dashboards

  • Early feedback with automatic report implementation on
    • Daily executions, Releases & Upgrades
    • Dash boards with detailed execution reports, pass & fail status reports
    • Role based and Module based reporting – Client app, Store, Insurance & merchant app separately
    • High-level visibility to relevant stakeholders
    • Test Suite with 2500 + Test Scripts

Upgrade & API Testing

  • Supported multiple version upgrade testing
    • Running automated tests for each upgrade and provided release sign-off with in short timeframes
    • Customized client’s Internal API framework and built plugins to support integrated test case automation
    • Automated component & integration APIs across Insurance Services, Payments, Switch, Online Merchant, Offline Merchant etc.
    • Individual API verification with valid and invalid details, request and response validations
    • Sanity check on end to end functionalities on daily basis

Benefits and value delivered

Projected savings of 30% through Unified Framework implementation, reduced time to market and faster testing

Key benefits

  • Automation Coverage: Achieved 70% automation across backlog & regression suites to support continuous ongoing releases
  • Effort Reduction: Improved productivity & reduced manual effort by automation of business critical functionalities
  • Unified Framework: 30% effort saving in framework development through organization level automation framework implementation
  • Defect Prevention: Early defect detection on the new builds & defect fixes through improved feedback mechanism
  • Stable Application: Stable application releases with improved product confidence by running automated test suite on continuous basis
  • Improved User Experience: Improved end user experience with enhanced application quality

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