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The recent years have witnessed proliferation tools to deal with problems at various levels and phases of testing from test design to deployment. Qapitol QA teams are well equipped with the expertise and ability to identify the appropriate tools as necessitated by its tech savvy clientele.

From strategic planning, design & development
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For test design, Qapitol QA uses tools such as Cucumber for test management, for unit tests, we use xUnit. Selenium is used for system tests, Ant for builds, utilities created in Java and Python for test data generation, Jenkins for deployment. For non-functional testing, Qapitol QA uses JMeter, Locust and Gatling; for simulations and injections, the firm uses SOAP UI and Postman.

We use system mocking tools, log utilities, test execution recorders, file comparators, framework and utilities for spawning test environments and platforms such as Appium, XCUITest, Espresso for UI test automation and others. There are also machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to automate activities such as test data preparations and test environment generation. Qapitol QA adapts to its clients’ processes that vary from Agile methodologies to DevOps (integrated development & operations) to traditional waterfall processes.

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Adoption of Agile and DevOps (Development + Operations) process methodologies has complicated software delivery. Delivering software products that work efficiently across multiple platforms, devices and systems has become imperative. User experience tops the list of business requirements. Rigorous testing and quality engineering is vital to ensuring smooth delivery of products, identifying business risks and protecting customer data.

Qapitol QA provides the testing strategy, automation framework and skilled talent to ensure products are tested for compliance and quality. Qapitol QA helps clients reduce development time, achieve bug-free releases, and accelerate go-to-market strategy. Companies undertaking digital transformation projects partner with Qapitol QA for robust quality assurance and testing services that meet business outcomes.

Tools & Frameworks – Software test automation offers tools, technologies, components and services that together constitute the critical elements of automated testing. It includes tools for performing static code analysis, functional testing, and load and performance testing in an automated way. These tools enable an organization to design, develop, maintain, manage, execute and analyze automated tests for applications running on different platforms (including desktop, web, mobile and server). They can run automated tests by driving the user interface (UI) of an application (known as UI test automation), or interact with the application through an application programming interface (API test automation) or communication protocol.”


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