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As organisations are embracing agile, there has been an 85% increase in test automation over a two-year period across all industry domains.

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Performance Engineering Services - Applications that Scale

Stabilize your digitalization strategies

Whether it is web or mobile or IoT, your products must scale with your business for performance and stability. Qapitol supports companies with modern testing infrastructure, certified resources and technical talent to scale your business performance.
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Security Testing Services - Integrated DevSecOps


Instill a culture of safety and compliance

Security cannot be taken for granted. Enterprises must continuously monitor and proactively mitigate threats. Qapitol partners with companies to support them with security testing talent and penetration testing resources to protect the business.

Test Automation Services - Velocity Frameworks

Achieve Productivity and Coverage

Qapitol provides the tools, technologies and services for test automation and coverage reporting. Design, operate, and manage automated functional tests across desktop, web, mobile and server applications as you prepare for the future – intelligent automation.

Case Studies - Creative Testing Strategies for Diverse Customers

Read how Qapitol delivered performance-critical testing solutions to emerging brands in logistics, supply-chain, property-tech, food-tech, fashion-tech and digital commerce.

Continuous Testing – Simplified for Agile

Designing testing frameworks that enable real-time verification and validation across the product development life cycle. Leverage proprietary tools created out of deep testing experience or adopt open source frameworks that lets you scale quality and achieve continuous testing in agile and DevOps environments.
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