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Testing & QA of a Leading Online Pharmacy App

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Scaling a Digital Healthcare Delivery Platform

Covid-19 has had a profound impact on the healthcare industry. Medicines were in demand, but supply chains were broken and logistical reach was significantly affected, leading to shortage of medical supplies to individuals & institutes.

Digital healthcare systems came to the rescue by deploying applications such as online pharmacies, remote consultations & diagnostics etc. The following story is that of a leading healthcare company and how it scaled its digital operations and rapidly built mobile and web applications to meet the surge in demand for medicines. New payment apps were created to onboard diverse users and additional banking gateways were integrated for wider audience outreach.

Qapitol QA partnered with the company as a Testing & QA service provider. Our teams enabled the company to test payment app implementations and integrations with various service providers. Functional and performance tests were performed, including tests for usability & accessibility. User experience was top goal of the testing engagement. The company was able to scale its operations and sustain its leadership position in the healthcare industry by responding efficiently to the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

About the client

The client is a developer of a leading healthcare delivery platform. The apps help patients to connect with local pharmacy stores and diagnostic centers enabling them to order medicines, healthcare products, and diagnostic tests. The company aims to improve the supply chain in the pharmaceutical sector by digitizing the process. The app is used by 5M+ users across 1.2k+ cities in India. Over 1L+ meds and healthcare products sold online.

About the project

Project Type : Payments – API

Payments: The online platform has a wide range of payment options. The payments were implemented as a service which is used by other modules and services. Some of the latest releases made by the payments team are: QR at delivery – New government mandate. Cashback to the source. Integrating Amazon pay as a payment mode

Marketplace: A new third party vendor was integrated to better manage the supply chain  during the COVID situation

QA challenges

New Covid related features were planned and released with minimum time. Testing of all the payment modes on multiple platforms was necessary after every release to make sure the payments were error-free and accurate.

Testing Solutions

Solution provided: Automated almost all the APIs which improved the time taken for testing. Performed load test on all the important APIs to ensure the high quality product

Types  of software testing: Cross browser testing, Usability testing, Load Testing, Integration Testing, Functional testing, UI testing, Automation testing

Documents and reports submitted: Bug Report, Testing checklist, Test cases and use cases. Functional Testing Scenarios, Usability Recommendations, Test plan, Test reports

Platforms: Windows, iOS
Tools: Gatling, Google Docs

Business Applications Types of Testing Tools & TechStack
Web Apps, Mobile Apps, API Manual, Automation REST Assured

Business outcomes

Testing results Automation helped in reducing time for testing and increased tester productivity. Third party integration template was created for testing future players.

Business Benefits New wallets will now be on-boarded and tested sooner saving time. New revenue will be generated through increased user base. Improves the brand reputation and leadership position.

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