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Keep up with
demanding devices

For digital services to provide a truly universal experience, the web and mobile apps must be operational on multiple device/OS/browser combinations. The apps must work in conditions such as low device battery and weak network conditions etc. Emulators and simulators help to some extent but need to be constantly updated. Device farms can solve the constant change and real world experience and provide testers the ideal environment to ensure a good user experience.

Testing on
Device Farms

QAs can remotely test the performance of their websites and mobile apps on real devices. All versions of devices (pre-installed OS and browsers) from multiple manufacturers are made available in the device lab. Monitor how your builds perform in the real world. Use the app or website the way a user would on a real desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

faster in the ecosystem

Interact with mobile devices to test user interfaces to identify functional issues and analyse end user experiences. Make testing faster and easier. Avoid assumptions and see the action yourselves. Access devices, apps and websites and run your code on a real device and test results. Swipe, gesture, and interact with mobile devices through their web browsers for responsive design. 

Test from
any location, anytime

Test websites and apps (both native and hybrid) on a wide range of desktop and mobile devices. Ensure that the apps serve multiple customers through device farms rather than building and maintaining labs in-house. A device farm provides the latest devices, browsers, and Oss.

Save time and money.
Keep testing up to date

Cut down on developers’ concerns about guarantee the efficacy of apps. Run automated tests through parallel testing. Execute test scripts on multiple devices and save time. Scale up devices and run tests faster and debug better. Agile teams can release bug-free products within deadlines.

Device Clouds – Hosted device clouds free mobile app vendors from acquiring and maintaining own device farms for testing on real devices and allow developers to quickly reproduce and fix issues that only occur on specific hardware.The different hardware provided by device clouds is usually accessible via a web application that can be used to book devices, schedule automated tests or execute manual tests. .”

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