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Collection of best people, proven practices and modern technologies.

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Test Excellence Center:
Expertise From a Single Source


Qapitol QA Test Excellence Center is a centralized framework of technical resources, management expertise and governance processes. You can develop POCs, realize product roadmaps, and access knowledgebase of reusable project learnings. Artifacts and tools supporting agile, mobile and IoT help accelerate testing.

Project Execution

Organize QA and Testing teams to maximize project throughput and maximize productivity. Leverage distributed teams to save costs yet get the best quality for your products.

DevOps Tools for
Quality and Testing

Qapitol QA has vast experience in implementing tools across the testing spectrum. Based on client needs and scope of projects, we recommend optimum approaches to selecting tools and strategies.

Test Excellence Centers – Digital business transformation often requires organizations to establish and scale expertise in critical capabilities such as project management, agile, DevOps and change management. PMO leaders establish centers of excellence to develop and support these critical capabilities.”



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