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Testing and QA for Data Migration and System Upgradation for a Large Retail and E-Commerce Operation

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About the client

The client is a highly diversified conglomerate with successful business entities in strategic locations worldwide. It is a world-renowned purveyor of an international business portfolio that ranges from hypermarket operations to shopping mall development, manufacturing and trading of goods, hospitality assets, and real estate.

  • Total Retail Space: 1,104,000+
  • Retail Stores: 196
  • Employees: 50k+
  • Countries Worldwide: 22
  • Turnover USD 7.4 billion

About the applications

Their applications automate an exhaustive set of enterprise retail chain functions – order management, supply chain management, supplier – consumer, collaboration platform, sourcing, stock management, cost management, promotions and more.

Application challenges

The client needed a testing partner to:

  • Support its major E-commerce application upgradation from SAP commerce cloud CCV1 to CCV2 to ensure all functionalities are working as designed.
  • Increase user base of the application by improving usability, performance and quality.
  • Identify performance bottlenecks and scale up the application performance to sustain maximum user loads during sale period and provide stable application to end users during normal operations

Migration challenges

The client undertook migration of their application databases from SAP Hana to Azure SQL server and faced real time challenges in the production environment such as

  • Application is not accessible some of the time
  • Frequent application downtime even with normal user loads
  • Dead logs created in DB

Migration testing

Qapitol teams conducted testing using quality assurance tools to ensure migration was successful and without errors.

  • Performed end to end functionality testing during pre and post migration and ensured data is migrated properly.
  • Conducted detailed performance analysis and identified the bottle necks and suggested improvements in the staging environment.
  • In production, the app environment is scaled up to overcome the challenges and as a testing partner, we performed sanity testing and made sure app functionality is not breaking.
  • Post scale up, verified the application stability with live scenario testing also with gradual increase of user load.
  • Provided extensive testing support that required during migration phase of three months.

Testing types

  • Functional Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Cross browser testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Performance Testing

SAP E-Commerce Cloud testing

  • Kick-started the engagement with deploying test resources having in depth retail application testing knowledge.
  • Identified gaps in existing, test process and implemented test templates, checklists.
  • Conducted exhaustive end to end functional testing of SAP e-commerce workflows and its integration with SAP ERP used for product catalogue import and 3rd party applications during its pre and post upgradation.
  • Conducted functional, UI, localization, cross-browser testing covering the following application modules – Order Management, Returns, Refunds, Payments, Vouchers, Stock Management, Delivery models etc.

Country-specific customization testing

  • Authored 1200 test cases across the SAP E-commerce modules implementation for region-specific modules.
  • Tested customizations of the applications with country-specific product display, customizations as per the end user preferences, shopping patterns and various delivery modes.
  • Verified region specific integrations with third party apps for payments & vouchers with Cybersource, Quicksilver, Amex, benefits, q pay etc.

Country-specific customization testing

  • Authored 700 end to end functional test cases across India & far east countries
  • Tested customizations of the applications with country specific product display, shopping patterns and various delivery modes
  • Verified app integrations with third party apps for payments & vouchers with PayTM,  PayU, Pinelab etc.

Mobile testing

  • Tested functionalities across multiple devices to verify the Omni-channel experience.
  • Leveraged in house mobile device lab to support testing across multiple devices.
  • Verified app UI compatibility with changing region-specific display of products.
  • Conducted end-end functionality testing on ten latest devices with Android and iOS platforms and Firefox, Edge and Mozilla browsers.

Performance testing

  • Conducted load testing on staging environment with concurrent user loads up to 1500 users
  • Simulated traffic from multiple geographic locations/countries.
  • Benchmarked the application to sustain the maximum user loads even in sale periods.
  • Published the detailed performance testing reports in HTML with key issues, findings and areas of improvements.

Key benefits delivered 

  • Streamlined testing process with best practices and reusable test assets implementation.
  • Stable application with better performance post migration of DB and version upgradation of e-commerce application.
  • Improved Omni channel experience across web and mobile devices.
  • Reduced time to market with 100% proactive testing and meeting stringent timelines.
  • 70% reduction in defect leakage into production through testing all workflows.
  • Increased consumer base through improved application usability.

Write to [email protected] for data migration testing and QA for system upgradation.

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