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Test Excellence Centers Designed to Help You Solve Quality Challenges

Test Excellence Framework

Centres of Excellence

  • Reusable Test Assets, Frameworks, Test Suites
  • Domain Expertise from delivering large engagements
  • Effective internal knowledge management initiatives
  • Innovation centric culture

Technology, Tools and Process

  • Leverage commercial and open source tool expertise
  • Leverage custom in-house frameworks built for carious contexts
  • Availability of Test Suites
  • Technology and Tool Partnerships
  • Proven delivery process
  • Alignment with Agile and Waterfall Models
  • Real time reporting dashboards

Operational & Pricing Models

  • Modelled to cut costs upto 30%
  • Catalog of services for all QA challenges, on demand
  • End to End or Specific Scope Limited
  • Outcome based pricing models

Transparency & Reporting

  • High standards of delivery governance
  • Frequent reporting to all stakeholders
  • Transparency in communication

Diverse Expertise From a Single Source

A centralized framework of technical resources, management expertise and governance processes. Develop POCs, realize roadmaps, and access knowledgebase of reusable project learnings. Artifacts supporting agile, mobile and IoT help accelerate testing.

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Flawless Project Execution

Strategize projects with a strong foundation of domain research, training on tools and technologies to achieve test coverage and velocity.

qapitol qa and testing services

DevOps Tools for Quality and Testing

The Gratner representation indicates the tools and solutions that you can aim to implement in your DevOps environment. Qapitol has vast experience in implementing tools across the testing spectrum.

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