Test Environment Management

Accelerate Test Execution & Increase Test Efficiency

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Reduce Data Defects,
Increase Quality and Decrease Running Costs

Create, manage and maintain the source codes of your application for testing. Optimize the size of software testing data and centralize processes. Test data creation saves time and enables repeatable test activity.

Compliance and privacy are critical concerns of enterprises today. Any leakage of confidential data can cause significant financial loss. Qapitol QA has processes in place to safeguard clients from any data breaches, making testing projects compliant with regulations.

Our experience spans across applications and industries such as e-commerce, retail, fintech, edutech & healthtech.


  • App/API Automation
  • Test Environment Set up
  • Release Testing (Automated Regression Test Suites)
  • Nightly build Test Automation across Multiple devices for Customer Apps

Use Cases

  • Check automation for functional stability of Customer Apps – E-Commerce Mobile and Web Applications
  • Check automation of all salient features and configurations of E-Commerce – Product rendering, Product attributes, Shopping Cart, Checkout, Business logic around Offers, Delivery date and Charges
  • Regression Testing of key features and workflows
  • Daily sanity check of production applications
  • Test Automation of Web Services to keep stability check at APIs

Test Environment Management – As organizations adopt DevOps, it is important to support automated provisioning of preproduction environments and reduce the need to repeat tests because an environment “doesn’t match production.”



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