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Test Data and Environment

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Organize and Harmonize Your Test Data and Test Environment

Maintain Compliant and Secure Test Data

Compliance and privacy are critical concerns of enterprises today. Any leakage of confidential data can cause significant financial loss. Qapitol has processes in place to safeguard clients from any data breach making testing projects compliant with regulations.
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Integrating Multi-Format Data

Overcome complexity of maintaining data in multiple formats. Our API testing techniques adapt to any type of data without delaying testing. JSON, XML, REST and other forms of data are tested in an integrated manner.
Test Data and environment

Test Excellence Center

Best infrastructure, talented people, and proven processes for managing your testing requirements and quality goals.
Test Data management

GDPR Compliant Initiatives

We maintain processes and communications to convey the importance of being compliant with regulations and protecting customer data. Qapitol is committed to protecting customer information by implementing stringent data controls.
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