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Automation Strategies to Achieve
Test Velocity and Coverage

Design, operate, maintain and manage automated functional tests across desktop, web, mobile and server applications as you prepare for the future – intelligent automation. You will need a combination of traditional thinking and modern tools to achieve the benefits that automation provides.

Complex Automation Challenges

Take advantage of cognitive automation technologies for functional test execution, functional test case design, and test data generation. Overcome suboptimal automation testing and cover end-to-end business scenarios.

Automation Accelerates
Digital Transformation

Digital transformation involves adopting new technologies and evolving as per demands of business users. We provide testing talent and ideas to design automation frameworks. Some key themes are: test design automation, test data automation, test environment virtualization, machine learning, self-remediation, predictive analysis, robotics process automation.

Test Automation

AI-assisted test automation enables you to optimize and accelerate testing with real-time quality analytics, test coverage analysis, test suite optimization, change impact analysis, and defect prediction.

Test Automation Frameworks

Backed by deep automation experience, Qapitol QA has designed test automation frameworks that can be applied to projects of all sizes. Why spend a fortune on rigid automation and obsolete tools when you can easily customize existing frameworks to meet your requirements.

Gartner and Forrester recommend that testers start shifting more of their testing efforts to the API level—with the ultimate goal of achieving 80% of functional test automation at the API level.”

Gartner, Forrester

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