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Automation Strategies to Achieve
Speed, Scale and Coverage


Design, operate, maintain and manage automated functional tests across desktop, web, mobile and server applications as you prepare for the future – intelligent automation. Our experience spans across applications and industries.

Continuous Testing

For tech teams developing customer apps at pace, Qapitol QA supports with rigorous and efficient testing of releases where deployments happen daily/frequently.

  • Continuous testing for DevOps
  • Integrate automated test suites with CI/CD
  • Automated test environment setup/deployments

Qapitol QA Automation Framework

Qapitol QA engineering teams led several automation projects to success and have used multiple automation platforms to provide customized solutions to customers. After years of analyzing multiple customers, their environments, users and requirements, we incubated powerful capabilities into our proprietary automation frameworks that work across platforms, apps and infrastructures.

Test Automation Offerings

  • Set Up Continuous Testing
  • Cross Platform Test Automation
  • Auto spawn environments
  • Test All Layers
  • State Engine
  • Parallel/Distributed Execution Engine
  • Configuration Management

Qapitol QA Unified Automation Framework

  • Ready to Use Framework
  • Optimise Cost & Time
  • Dockerised Deployments
  • Pre-Built Function Libraries
  • Mocking Capabilities
  • Easy to Maintain

For detailed information, refer Qapitol QA Unified Testing Framework

API Automation

Streamline Continuous Testing

Our API testing strategy helps clients prioritize business-critical APIs, create self-contained test cases, categorize test cases, include API declarations, plan call sequencing and ensure wide coverage to make CI/CD DevOps practice a success.

Achieve Maximum Risk Coverage

APIs streamline business processes, and make systems productive, especially in a world of internet of things. Qapitol QA mitigates risks with strategic testing to enable your team to focus on continuous development. Our test data strategies enable you to rapidly populate tests with appropriate data you need to achieve maximum risk coverage.

Testing in Devops

Catalyzing Digital Transformation

Whether it is web or mobile or IoT, your products must scale with your business for performance and stability. Qapitol QA supports companies with innovative testing solutions, expert test strategies, experienced testing professionals, and modern testing infrastructure.

Solving Multi-Channel Testing Challenges

Applications are accessed through multiple channels. We help you create a stable test environment and secure test data. Improve efficiency in test environment management by adopting containerization. We orchestrate complex tests required for mobile, web, devices (IoT) and channels.

UI Testing Automation

Automated UI testing enables you to run tests reliably and repeatably to ensure that your apps meet functional requirements.

Qapitol QA provides the framework that includes best practices, tools, and libraries that can integrate into your dev environment. The test automation code is reusable, maintainable, and stable and saves you from undesirable defects.

In the long run, automated UI testing is a cost-effective replacement to manual testing. The automated tests run simultaneously on different platforms and on different browsers. When multiple people work on the same piece of code, automated UI tests become relevant. Automated UI testing can also be designed to find regression errors.

Cross Browser Testing

Verify the workings of your web applications in multiple browsers such as Google Chrome, IE, Mozilla Firefox, Safari including devices and platforms.

Our framework enables you to create automated test scripts, run tests and compare results. You can use the scripts for multiple tests across browsers in less time.

Ensure that web applications work as expected in every browser such as correct rendering of fonts, support for HTML5 tags, JavaScript orientation, image orientation, and browser compatibility with various operating systems.

Test Automation Case Studies

Robust Mobile App / API Test Automation


Leading fintech company, Emerging logistics company


Requirement of ‘Robust & Smart’ Test Automation solution that can support frequent and fast paced Releases, that can ensure the releases meet high quality requirements and eventually reduce the production defects.

Solution Implemented

  • Designed and Built a Unified Test Automation framework which can support automation of Functional, Integration and E2E UAT scenarios across Web, Mobile Apps and APIs
  • Integrated Performance Testing of APIs / Services with the framework to achieve Non-Functional insights for E2E scenarios
  • Integrated Auto Spawning and Deployment of various Test Environment with right set of Test Data and Mocks for external systems
  • Built Real Time Test Dashboard with Testing relevant Metrics, so as to monitor progress of Testing efforts and also provide comparison with historical data
  • Solution also provided information on the Code Quality, Code Coverage and Feature Coverage

Business Component Coverage

  • APIs/WebServices
  • Consumer Apps – MarketPlace (iOS & Android)
  • Payments
  • Order Management System
  • Fulfilment
  • Warehouse
  • Promise Engine
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Customer Experience

Business Impact 

  • High Adoption of Test Automation solution internally with Developers
  • Clear visibility and insights into the value of Test Automation
  • 100% Availability | No Performance Issues | Glitch Free High-Volume Holiday Sales | 30% Reduction in Production Issues

Scaling Quality Engineering for Tech Unicorns through Continuous Testing


Large e-commerce company, Leading Food-Tech company, Famous Fashion-Tech company

Challenges faced & solution implemented 

Requirement of ‘Efficient & Scalable’ Quality Engineering Practices & Solutions that can enable frequent and fast paced Releases, that can ensure the releases meet high quality requirements and eventually reduce the production defects

Test Automation || Continuous Testing || DevOps

  • Mandatory Sign-off of features with Automation only
  • Start Implementing Automation at the beginning of project
  • CI-CD pipeline with rollback strategy
  • Publish Build Quality Metrics
  • Uptime monitoring system for non prod environment
  • Continuous code coverage monitoring
  • Incremental Code coverage week by week
  • Dockerized Deployments
  • Dockerized Personal Test Environment
  • Mocking and Stubbing capabilities
  • Multiple Services on single instance

10000+ Test Cases | 900+ Integration Scenarios | 5000+ Automated Scripts | 95%+ Test Suites Pass% | 80% Regression Test Coverage | 80% Automated Releases

Contact [email protected] for detailed case studies or advisory on implementing test automation solutions.

By 2024, three-quarters of large enterprises will be using AI-enabled test automation tools that support continuous testing across the different stages of the DevOps life cycle.”



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