Testing next generation e-commerce and logistics technologies.

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Testing Supply Chain, Fulfillment, & Logistics 

Fulfillment and distribution services cater to all supply chain needs from cradle to grave, i.e. from supplier to customer or raw material to the finished product delivered to the end user, including the logistics involved with the timely and cost-effective movement of goods while providing the tools to track and confirm every step of the process. Qapitol QA provides industry specific testing solutions.

Impact of Covid-19 & Business Challenges

Impacted by the hit on e-commerce. As sales are extremely low, and with border restrictions in place, logistics companies are seeing sharp fall in revenues. Challenges include:

  • Build responsive and resilient supply chain delivery process
  • Optimise Efficiencies – ETA, Dynamic Routing and Navigation using mobile apps
  • Poor Test coverage across business process and workflows of vast logistics and supply chain systems
  • Demand for Faster Implementations, and customisations – limited testing resources for business teams to certify customer implementations quickly

IT Challenges & Technical Requirements

  • Deep domain expertise in testing supply chain and logistics platforms across field force, freight, and transport management
  • End to end testing of complex logistics platforms for performance and process optimization, for scalability, and for ensuring seamless integrations with ERP, Tracking systems, freight reservation systems, vehicle tracking & route generation systems, warehouse management system (WMS), supply chain management (SCM), billing & cost management, and more
  • Compatibility testing of the Apps and platforms across multiple devices and platforms – Test Automation solutions to ensure quicker feedback and faster customer implementations
  • Efficient Test Automation frameworks, automated test data and test environment management, optimised QA process and risk based assessments to improve time to market

Qapitol QA Testing Solutions & Offerings

  • Proven and well implemented – Test Automation solution for large and complex logistics workflows (ERP)

Case Studies

E-Commerce Supply Chain Testing for one of the largest e-comm company.

Logistics testing for a leading e-commerce company.

Performance Testing of a large e-commerce website.

Supply Chain, Logistics & Fulfillment – Customers are more connected, informed, mobile — and demanding — than ever before. To compete effectively, you need to enhance your supply chain logistics capabilities and extend your networks.”



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