Software Testing & QA Methods Trending in 2020

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Adapting to a changing world

The industrial world is experiencing disruptions as new technologies are commercialized. Software products are also going through major changes as the world adopts digital technologies. The processes that are employed to build software is also impacted as companies move from manual to automated methods. Such transformations also bring in cultural changes, impact team dynamics and affect quality engineering methods. Testing processes and tools are adapting to these changes and keeping with business and also driving trends through invention and adoption of new tools and adaptive thinking. New technologies necessitate new methods of testing and innovative thinking to maintain product quality, security, performance and deliver seamless user experiences. Some of the new products and latest processes that are trending in 2020 are outlined here.

Blockchain products testing 

According to a Gartner report, the currently experimental blockchain will be fully scalable by 2023. With profound usability in the supply chain, banking and other security entered transactions; blockchain has witnessed tremendous growth over the last few years. In 2020, companies are expected to invest in blockchain testing to harvest the scalable opportunities this encryption technology has to offer. 

RPA in testing 

Statista reports that the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) industry will be at $4.9 billion by 2020. With AI taking precedence, the need for compliant RPA to automate complex processes became inevitable. Pushing the envelope of automation, RPA has opened different avenues of process automation by becoming a substantial financial investment for companies. According to a PWC study, companies expect a surge in their ROI through RPA implementation. This analysis boosts the chances of investing in RPA testing in 2020. 

AI and ML in testing 

AI and ML (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning) testing have been part of testing for a long time. However, in 2020, AI and ML are expected to make a paradigm shift to make a significant impact on software testing. Predicted to become one of the top investment priorities of CIOs by 2020, AI and ML now have the floor to make vital complex neural networks and algorithms a priority for companies. This advancement has forced companies to make testing for AI and ML-based applications a priority. 

DevOps testing adoption

The shift towards DevOps this decade was dynamic. It is predicted that in 2020, enterprises will show considerable interest to adopt test automation and cloud services. The investment will be focused on technology that allows continuous development and data assessment. With quicker releases as the underlying anthem, agile, and DevOps will enable collaborations between departments to be more productive that will lead to fully continuous deployment. 

Cybersecurity testing 

A report from Gartner predicts that by 2020, 100% of large enterprises will be requested to report their cybersecurity and technology risks to the board of directors at least annually. Owing to the digital revolution, data breach and security has become one of the prominent areas of concern among CIOs of enterprises. This rapid expansion, combined with the multitudes of cyber attacks on servers and cloud-based system, will have companies invest and focus on cybersecurity testing in 2020. 

Voice technology testing

This decade, we said more ‘hey’ to Alexa and Siri than we did to our friends. Voice commands have become such a huge part of our vernacular that companies are investing in making this experience more fuller and competent. It is expected that from 2020, voice commands will become a standard service offering. While this penetration opens new doors, there is also ample opportunity for open source frameworks to support voice command testing. 

IoT testing 

According to a report from MarketsandMarkets, the global IoT testing market is estimated to grow to USD 1378.5 million by 2021. With 5G network finally entering the market, IoT is expected to make headway into different industries, including healthcare. As industries gear up to accommodate IoT applications, the need for testing is now bigger than ever. 2020 will witness an acute need for cloud testing to forge easier adoption of these new IoT applications. 

Author: Sreedhar