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Quality in Testing Times

The impact of Covid-19 pandemic on software quality and testing services. An uptake in test automation in tools and technologies.

The current global pandemic has caused a ripple effect across the world markets. June 2020 Global Economic prospects forecast a 5.2% contraction in global GDP in 2020 with a more profound impact on the future with lower investments, fragmentation of global trade, and human capital loss. As the fight to battle the pandemic continues, the surge of technology powers through. From zero-touch technology to virtual monitoring of manufacturing units, the need for a robust system is the need of the hour. There is a steady need for digital services, including online classes for students, mobile apps for pre-screening, and geo-tracking.

As technology gains attention, software testing takes precedence in ensuring the seamless functioning of applications. To sustain and recover from the turmoil of the market, businesses must focus on a path that leads them to prosperity. Keeping in mind the workers’ health, companies must modify their IT approach and relevant testing trends. To deal with the changing dynamics of the market, every business will endure the three phases during the pandemic in terms of survival, sustain, and success that directly impact the economic activity and IT approach and testing trends.

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