Service Virtualization

Speed up testing and boost automation through simulated services.

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Save Time & Money
Increase Speed of Development

Simulated environments help you save on costly subscriptions and speed up parallel development. Automatically execute tests even when dependent APIs cannot be accessed or configured for testing. Qapitol QA teams enables you to explore Service Virtualization scenarios, avoid expensive test labs, and calculate potential ROI on the longer term. Our experience spans across applications and industries such as e-commerce, retail, fintech, edutech & healthtech.


  • Service virtualization of APIs to enable integration testing.
  • Test Automation of Mobile and Web Applications, API and Web Services test automation, automated solutions for test data creation.
  • Service virtualisation to enable testing of ATM transactions.

Use Cases

  • Payment gateway integration testing when no sandbox available, new payment gateway integrations.
  • E2E testing of order fulfillment workflow with Integration of systems interdependent on each other, automating the creation of orders in desired state to enable testing of multiple subsequent workflows.
  • Test Automation to check functional stability of customer applications, regression testing of features and workflows, daily sanity check of production applications, test automation of APIs and Web Services to run frequent stability checks.
  • Emulate ATM Transactions through service virtualization to test E2E ATM Transactions.

Service Virtualization – The need for API testing and service virtualization is becoming increasingly important as IT organizations develop bimodal capability to support mobile, digital business transformation initiatives and the Internet of Things (IoT).”



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