Continuous Testing for DevOps Teams

Security Testing

By 2019, more than 50% of enterprise DevOps initiatives will have incorporated application security testing (AST) for custom code.


Security Testing Solutions - for Business Resilience

Security Readiness for your Applications

Your business is driven by software applications. Ensure your business applications are well protected all the time. Qapitol provides managed security testing services including security analysis, penetration testing, and business assurance testing.
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Make DevSecOps Testing a Continuous Practice

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Secure Networks, Mobile/Web, Cloud

Qapitol can help instill a culture of security consciousness. Working with diverse customers on security and vulnerability detection projects has given us the insights into threat attack vectors and techniques to prevent security incidents proactively.

Business Assurance Through Security Compliance

Security Built Into Development

  • Pre-Development: Threat Modelling, Architecture review, Software Composition Analysis
  • During Development: Code reviews, SAST, Cloud assessments, Web services assessments, Secure coding training
  • Post Development: Penetration testing, Performance testing, Load & Stress testing, DAST, Cloud configuration testing, ISO 27001 compliance, PCI compliance
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Case Studies - Application Security Testing

Qapitol provided security testing services to several customers in e-commerce, fintech, property-tech, fashion-tech, food-tech etc.

Web Apps Security Assessment

Traditional penetration and vulnerability tests are not enough. Web apps have to thrive in complex and hybrid environments. Qapitol QA can help. We help you assess, monitor and secure web apps for future scalability.

Security Testing for GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance will play a critical role in ensuring security testing practices are institutionalized across business functions in organizations.
Stats by Proofpoint GDPR Readiness Survey
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