Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Make bots work for you.

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Routine UI Tasks

Simulate user actions automatically to complete business tasks that span across multiple applications. Integrate actions across multiple platforms including desktop, web, mobile etc. Explore the power of RPA and AI enabled bots in solving testing challenges.

Across Layers

Test application layers such as unit testing modules, system testing APIs, and the user interfaces. Focus on the high risk areas and automate tasks to verify application correctness. Focus on business coverage over feature coverage. Bots can be your testing partners.

Driven Automation

Perform complex tasks with large transaction data and playback recorded tasks using data sets from spreadsheets, databases, or test management systems. RPA & bots reduce manual labor and improve accuracy.

Test Data and
Regression Testing

Automate data validation through databases and augment data stored in file systems through tooling. Prepare regression suites to run on demand. RPA and Bots enable you to reduce time to test and meet release timelines.

Make UAT and end
user testing more effective

RPA tools are suitable for testing commercial off-the-shelf business systems where repeated IT system interactions are captured. Specify system interactions and run them on demand, or keep it recurring. Intelligent automation is key for accelerated testing.

RPA Research:  “The ability to integrate legacy systems is the key driver for RPA projects. By using this technology, organizations can quickly accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, while unlocking the value associated with past technology investments.”



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