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Card Authorization Testing Project

Functional testing of Debit Card Transactions Authorization system migration from legacy to a cloud based solution


  • Lack of test resources with good end to end domain knowledge of card transaction functionality and build relevant test coverage
  • Lack of test resources with prior experience of using card test simulators to test
  • Lack of test resources with domain experience combined with testing APIs and microservices using Postman
  • Inability of existing testers to multi-task between functional and automation testing.
    Lack of any experience of performance testing
  • Lack of any experience of testing API and micro service performance health check monitoring

Functional Testing Strategy Execution

  • Excellent functional understanding of card transaction authorisation, transaction clearing & settlement and disputes management, clearing and settlement
  • Good understanding of solutions built using Microservices based architecture
  • Functional testing tools like card Authorisations Simulator, Clearing Presentment Simulator, switch and PostMan
  • API test automation using Rest Assured
  • UI test automation using Selenium
  • Good experience of using simulator for functional and performance (load / stress) testing
  • Good experience of testing API and microservices health-check monitoring
  • Working within scrum squads and keeping up to the fast-paced environment

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