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Data-Driven Practice that Delivers Actionable Quality Intelligence

Metrics Driven Culture

Qapitol aligns testing strategies with business goals. This, we do, using a metrics driven approach in all our activities. Our teams are sensitized and trained to improve performance and capability using qualitative and quantitative measurements.

Quantifying Quality Improvements

Measure quality across several criteria* – capability, reliability, usability, charisma, security, scalability, compatibility, performance, installation and development.
  • Adapted from James Bach’s quality model

Multi-Dimensional Quality Metrics

Define quality parameters across product elements* – structure, function, data, interfaces, platform, operations, and time.
*Adapted from James Bach’s model

Measuring Continuous Quality

Qapitol helps incorporate metrics about the software, the business outcomes and the toolchain processes that were executed to achieve continuous delivery and/or continuous deployment. The following Gartner’s DevOps Metrics Pyramid is a starting point to identify metrics related to operational efficiency, service quality, customer value and business performance.

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