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Full Life cycle Testing Platform as a Service

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QARMA – Testing
Platform as a Service

A web-based testing platform that handles API Functional and Performance testing. Some key features are outlined here and many more powerful life cycle and work flow management features are being added.

  • User management – (With basic hierarchy of User and Super User )
  • OAuth login via Git, Bitbucket and Google
  • Basic test script management–(Project creation and test cases with statuses)
  • Test execution for Performance and API testing
  • Distributed queuing service using ZeroMQ
  • Test execution history
  • Create/import/export API test scripts
  • Dashboard of metrics
  • Import Postman/Swagger collection
  • API and performance testing functionalities
  • Core application developed using Python and related frameworks including Django, Celery and REST

By 2024, three-quarters of large enterprises will be using AI-enabled test automation tools that support continuous testing across the different stages of the DevOps life cycle.”



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