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Qapitol’s Fifth Year Celebrations Just Got More Special: Reaching a Key Milestone of 200 Employees

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A message from PSK Mohan, MD & CEO

It feels like yesterday! The day we started this journey called Qapitol. Kalyan, Manoj, and I still vividly remember the day when we decided to start Qapitol, with five of our close friends. We had very limited resources but had a big vision and a bigger audacious dream to build a company that would make a difference in the world of quality, a company that would solve Quality Engineering problems, that would be futuristic, innovation-driven, technology-centered and one that would be truly Global. It is a matter of immense joy, pride, and happiness to see the fledgling grow up to a team of 200 on the stroke of Qapitol’s 5th anniversary.

In the last five years, we created a niche for ourselves, served over 150 customers from six countries, several of them Unicorns, Soonicorns, and large enterprises. We currently operate in three countries, and of-course we also survived a global pandemic successfully so far with absolutely no pay cuts and job cuts. There are some champions that we need to thank on this milestone. First in priority, as always, the Qapios and ex-Qapios. You have made this journey possible by trusting the big goals we set for ourselves, by embracing the value system we wished to demonstrate, by demonstrating the courage in steering the ship through the rough weather in uncertain times such as what we are going through now. Working often in highly dynamic, time-sensitive environments, you have made Qapitol a shining example of how to deliver consistent results to uncompromising customers with faith, trust, and commitment to the organizational goals. We wish to thank all of you, your families, and friends for their support and encouragement to you.

Secondly, we owe our gratitude to our global customers who trusted our vision and entrusted us with a job of solving often difficult testing challenges for them. In the recent past, no project was easy and straightforward. Through their encouragement and support, we created a niche for ourselves by successfully delivering solutions for the tech majors and enterprises that were historically underserved by the competition.

Finally, we owe thanks to our Investors for trusting us with their money in our very early days. Thanks are due to our advisors who helped us take steps in the right direction. We were also ably supported by our growth partners. Thank you.

It is all but a brief moment in time for all of us at Qapitol to pause for a few High Fives while we step up for the next set of challenging adventures. The goal post is far, challenges, many to deal with, the path ahead is difficult, but what we have is the team with courage and passion to make a difference.

We will continue to dream, aspire for more and we hope we continue to live up to the trust of our employees and customers. Jai Hind and Peace to the World. Thank you.

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