QAPI – Unified Testing Framework

Test Automation &
Performance Testing Framework

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QAPI – Test Automation &
Performance Testing Framework

Qapitol QA engineering teams led several automation projects to success and have used multiple automation platforms to provide customized solutions to customers. After years of analyzing multiple customers, their environments, users and requirements, we incubated powerful capabilities into our proprietary automation frameworks that work across platforms, apps and infrastructures.

Key Features

  • Unified Test Automation Framework for end-to-end workflows across Web app, Mobile app, API and Desktop applications
  • Handle configurations at test configurations levels from multiple sources and manage product configurations
  • Handle multiple formats of data both structured and unstructured – Json, Yaml, XML, CSV, Text (Delimited files), Excel etc.
  • Run tests in  parallel or distributed manner with tests distributed across multiple Devices or Browsers
  • Real Time Testing Dashboard with Testing KPIs across all configured test environments with ability to provide comparisons across Builds and give insights into maturity of builds

By 2021, intelligent automation will generate an additional 20% savings over what is achievable today in application testing services for end users.”



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