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Testing e-commerce product information management apps.

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Testing Product Information Mgmt Apps

Product information management means managing the information required to market and sell products through distribution channels. A central set of product data can be used to share/receive information with media such as web sites, print catalogs, ERP systems, PLM systems and electronic data feeds to trading partners. Qapitol QA provides industry specific testing solutions.


Qapitol QA provides e-commerce product information management apps testing services and product quality solutions.

Product Information Mgmt

Offerings –

App automation, API automation, Test environment preparation

Case Study –

  • Food Tech: API/App Automation of vendor application, on-boarding APIs. View case study.


Test automation for mobile applications, automation for Point Of Sale Web/Mobile/Desktop Applications, Web Services test automation

Use Cases

Test automation suites for sanity check of business functionalities before releases / push updates, automate new store roll outs, and store installations, automate store sales transactions and centre reconciliations for sanity check, automation to validate implementations while new brand on-boarding, store country/branch on-boarding

Case Studies

  • Food Tech: API/App Automation of Customer, Restaurant and Delivery Executive Apps: View Case Study
  • E-Comm: Supply chain testing and Web Services Automation. View Case Study 
  • Warehouse tech: Nightly build Test Automation setup on Device Lab. View Case study 


Test Automation of Mobile and Web Applications, API and Web Services test automation, automated solutions for test data creation

Use Case

Test Automation to check functional stability of customer applications, regression testing of features and workflows, daily sanity check of production applications, test automation of APIs and Web Services to run frequent stability checks

Case Study

  • Warehouse tech: Test Automation for a logistics platform. View case study.
  • Fashion tech: E2E Test Automation for Order fulfillment flows. View case study
  • E-Commerce: WebServices Test Automation for Warehouse, Fulfillment, Logistics. View case study
  • Food Tech: Test Automation strategy and solutions transfer. View case study
  • E-Commerce marketplace performance testing case study.


Functional testing of card transaction authorisation and clearing system, test automation for Web Application, APIs and Web Services (Online and Mobile Banking), API functional testing for Open Banking Systems, functional testing of ATMs, test automation of Payments, Cards, and Self Service functionalities

Use Cases

Check automation for functional stability of online Banking Applications – Web UI Test Automation, API Functional Test Automation, regression testing of key features and workflows, daily sanity check of production applications, test automation of Web Services for stability check at APIs, test automation of APIs for Open Banking functionalities, automate regression testing of ATM functionalities

Case Study

  • E-Comm tech: E2E Payments testing and Web Services Test Automation. View case study.
  • Food tech: Online food delivery app payment solutions. View case study

Product Information Management – Product Information Management (PIM) is a set of processes and tools that centralize and manage an e-commerce business’ product information to ensure a single, accurate view of product data. PIM offers a centralized platform to, cost-effectively, manage data on an e-commerce business’ products and services. PIM facilitates the maintenance of consistent and quality product data and information.”


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