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Power Testing for a Fast Growing Fitness App – Mobile QA Framework

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About the client

The company is currently the fastest growing fitness start-up of India! The company’s dynamic marketplace is a hub for brands to showcase new products, expand reach, and connect with a relevant user base that is actively looking for great offers. The marketplace is a place for advertisers to meet willing customers, helping them maximize their advertising spends and boost their marketing campaigns. The company’s mission is to make people fitter by encouraging them to be physically active. Not only is the mobile app completely free, but it also incentivizes users by rewarding them for every step they take towards a fitter life.

  • Total Users: 5 Million+
  • Steps Covered: 1 Trillion+
  • Kilometres Covered: 1 Billion+
  • Daily Downloads: 10,000+
  • Daily Impressions: 15 Million+

Business requirements and testing challenges

The objective was to support the newly implemented fitness app by ensuring flawless final quality, increase user base with fully-tested UI/UX, and reduce post production defects while meeting the timelines for fast paced release cycles.

Functional and performance testing solutions

  • Performed end to end functional testing of mobile app using real time user scenarios
  • Conducted in depth testing and uncovered defects in critical business features such as:
    • Updates to step count in real time using mobile Pedometer Sensor and coins gained for steps
    • Daily reward count – time gaps between each reward claim, day limit, rest at the end of the day
    • Challenger functionality used within peer groups – validation of individual step counts, leaderboard, coins gained, level up/down
  • Performed out of the box testing using positive and negative scenarios to check user levels upgrade and degradation scenarios based on the step counts – day/weekly/monthly
  • Conducted testing on real devices (Seven Android (v. 6 to v.10) & three iOS) to ensure the app functionality is consistent across multiple devices
  • Usability of reward coins feature for in-app retail coupon purchases, coupon validity and email confirmations
  • Validated the app features when third party apps are invoked (such as games, commerce)
  • Validation of app installation (using Google, Facebook & Mobile Number) and uninstallation process, including continuous monitoring of social media feedback
  • Implemented robust reporting process to provide visibility across defects reported, features tested and action plans
  • Provided suggestions in UI implementation with more intuitive dashboards and icons
  • Regular regression testing in real time environments, while supporting daily releases and major releases

Business component coverage

  • User Registration, Deregistration
  • Profile Management
  • Dashboard with levels, step count, and rewards
  • Leaderboard  
  • Challenger Groups
  • Gaming Zone
  • Reward based Shopping

QA and business impact delivered

  • Consistent performance enabled increase in user base (5 million current users)
  • Enhanced usability by suggesting appealing dashboards
  • Competitive advantage within fitness app providers through user-friendly features
  • Improved test coverage (80% increase) for end-to-end app testing
  • Reduced defects (70 % decrease in post-production defects)
  • Stabilized releases allowing for efficient feedback collection
  • Clear visibility and insights into the overall project progress

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