Testing a variety of payment technologies.

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Testing Payment Technologies

Digital payments are technically defined as any payments made using digital instruments. In digital payment, the payer and the payee, both use electronic modes to send and receive money. No hard cash is used. Qapitol QA provides industry specific testing solutions.

Payments Apps Testing Experience

Qapitol QA has been working with leading payment technology providers, fintech and e-commerce companies providing testing strategies and experienced resources.


Test automation of payment APIs, end to end testing of payment gateway integration with application portals

Use Cases

New payment gateway integration, automation of existing payment portals, various payment types – Wallets, Cards, UPI etc.

Case Studies

  • E-Comm tech: E2E Payments testing and Web Services Test Automation.
  • Payments card solutions testing.

Payment Apps – recommend To remain competitive and optimize customer satisfaction, application leaders responsible for digital commerce must anticipate the future of consumer payments. Payments have the potential to be entirely cashless, but may bring additional challenges in reliability, security and convenience.”



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