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GenAI in Test Automation: Hype vs Reality

A must-attend webinar for tech leaders, quality engineers, SDET leadership, product management, digital transformation, and digital assurance stakeholders!

GenAI has been touted as a revolutionary technology that can transform the way we test software, but what does it really mean for the testing community? In this webinar themed “GenAI in Test Automation: Hype vs Reality“, we will delve into the promises and realities of GenAI in testing, discussing its benefits, challenges, and the future of testing in the age of AI. Join us as we explore the cutting-edge technology of GenAI and its impact on the testing landscape.


Rohan Bajaj Senior SDET Manager, Jupiter

Rohan Bajaj is a seasoned Quality Assurance (QA) Head with over 12 years of extensive experience in the e-commerce, Cloud, SaaS, and Enterprise Software industries. Renowned for his expertise in establishing Automation frameworks from inception, Rohan excels in UI, Test Automation making him a sought-after speaker in tech circles for his insights on Quality Engineering, Agile practices, and Continuous Integration pipelines.

Krishna Devadas Murali VP, Engineering, Eltropy

Krishna Devadas Murali is an experienced technology visionary with over 22 years of expertise, focusing on developing cutting-edge SaaS solutions, particularly within FinTech and Supply Chain domains. He is recognized for his strategic acumen, team leadership, and innovation, consistently delivering top-tier products. Krishna is skilled at foreseeing market shifts, shaping tech direction, and driving the inception and scaling of pioneering products. He is also adept at fostering diverse, global teams, underscored by strong emotional intelligence.

Gourav Das Co-Founder & CPTO, ApnaKlub

Gourav Das is a seasoned technology leader and entrepreneur with a strong background in driving innovation and product excellence. With a rich history at Microsoft and TM Investment Pvt. Ltd, he’s known for driving product innovation and strategic growth. At ApnaKlub, he leads Data, Product, Engineering, and Technology, focusing on empowering MSMEs through digital strategies. His expertise lies in customer-centric product development, building scalable infrastructures, and leading high-performance teams. Gourav is a data-driven decision-maker and a rapid learner, committed to delivering value to mobile-first customers.


Aravind Ganesan CDO, Qapitol QA

With two decades of experience in strategizing and executing digital transformation, portfolio migrations, and payment gateway integration projects, Aravind Ganesan oversees the entire delivery portfolio at Qapitol QA. His expertise is instrumental in unlocking superior value for clients through innovative solutions and services. As the Chief Delivery Officer, Aravind brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the discussion on the realities and potential of GenAI in test automation.

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5th June, 2024

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