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Mobile App Testing - Best Test Practices From More Than 100+ Apps

Testing for Native Android & iOS Apps

Qapitol supports with functional and automation testing approach – identify and automate user scenarios and testing approach – what to test, when to test, how to test! We help you with staged roll-outs via Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store and perform manual sanity before release. We also standby for extensive monitoring of the release as users come on board.
Mobile Application Testing Solutions

Continuous Testing to Accelerate Mobile App Development

Mobile Testing Strategy

Release Testing and Performance Monitoring

Integrate automated analysis of various metrics (Crash monitoring, Playstore feedback sentiment analysis, current performance of apps) and key user engagement metrics to post-release tracking of mobile apps.

Critical Security Analysis for Your Mobile Apps

Automated Static and Dynamic Analysis

  • Root detection bypass, SSL Pinning bypass
  • Static/dynamic Security Analysis (Manual and Automation)
  • Intent bypass, Use of APK analyzer and APK editor
  • Miscellaneous vulnerabilities in Mobile applications
Mobile App Testing Services

By 2020, up to 90% of enterprises will test mobile applications for security vulnerabilities.


Case Studies - Mobile App Testing Success Stories

Cloud-based mobile app testing

Testing mobile applications using real devices or local emulators is not scalable and needs high maintenance. Perform parallel testing to run tests faster. Test against a variety of devices and OS versions. Setup device clouds and run parallel automation testing using device emulators.
Mobile Application Testing

Managed Testing

Outsource mobile testing projects to save huge costs. Our device testing lab and test excellence center provides the infrastructure and resources to conduct mobile app testing cost-effectively.
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