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Mobile App Release Testing &
Performance Monitoring

Qapitol QA supports mobile app developers with functional and automation testing – identify and automate user scenarios – what to test, when to test, how to test! We help you with staged roll-outs via Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store and perform manual sanity before release. We also standby for extensive monitoring of the release as new users come on board.

Our experience spans across applications and industries such as e-commerce, retail, fintech, edutech & healthtech.


  • Mobile app Functional, UI/UX, Usability, Accessibility – As per QQA Mobile App Test Coverage Model, Non Functional Testing – Battery, Memory, Network analysis, Stress Testing, GPU OverDraw, testing for adherence of Android and IOS guidelines, testing for device compatibility, crowd sourced testing – to gather UX feedback, location based testing scenarios.
  • Payments Wallets testing, API/WebServices functional testing, payment based offers.
  • Test automation for mobile applications, automation for Point Of Sale Web/Mobile/Desktop Applications, Web Services test automation.
  • API and Web Services test automation, automated solutions for test data creation.
  • Automation frameworks and performance testing solutions.

Use Cases

  • Manual testing to achieve functional stability of the application, launch readiness testing – Launch services of the app in new Geography, new Product line etc.
  • New Payment Gateway launches/Integration, functional stability of Payment APIs, appropriate disbursal of payment based offers.
  • Test automation suites for sanity check of business functionalities before releases / push updates, automate new store roll outs, and store installations, automate store sales transactions and center reconciliations for sanity check, automation to validate implementations while new brand on-boarding, store country/branch on-boarding.
  • Test Automation to check functional stability of customer applications, regression testing of features and workflows, daily sanity check of production applications, test automation of APIs and Web Services to run frequent stability checks.
  • E2E Testing of Mobile Banking Applications
  • E-Learning apps, mobile learning apps, educational portals
  • Healthcare apps, online price comparison mobile apps, pharmacy portals, educational portals

Mobile App Testing – Mobile AST is different from traditional AST and is pervading the enterprise. Security and risk management leaders responsible for application security must accommodate mobile AST and treat it as a precursor to their future AST endeavors.”



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