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Outsourced & Managed
Testing Services

Qapitol QA helps companies design testing strategies that separate quality and testing concerns. We take up the manual and technical aspects of testing strategies and tools implementation, while enabling you to govern the overall quality. You not only protect your investments but also get access to the best testing talent and latest tools.

Be Assured of Robust
Project Management

Take advantage of end-to-end test management solutions using modern testing infrastructure, automation frameworks and software stacks. Monitoring testing projects becomes easy when you focus on quality outcomes rather than day-to-day issues.

Selecting and
Adopting the Right Tools

Qapitol QA helps you select and integrate the best testing tools into your DevOps toolchains, aligning with business objectives, solutions from open-source and traditional providers, and prioritize technology that supports the organization’s practices and skill levels.

Gartner and Forrester recommend that testers start shifting more of their testing efforts to the API level—with the ultimate goal of achieving 80% of functional test automation at the API level.”

Gartner, Forrester

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